Jun.11.2015 革命 "Baby Revolution"


*国立研究開発法人産業技術総合研究所 :透明な太陽電池の試作に成功

さて話は変わって、6月2日には京都のライブハウス磔磔でSHERBETSのライブを観てきました。Vo.&Gのベンジーこと浅井健一の演奏はBlankey Jet City時代の1990年から数えきれないくらい観てきましたが、今回ほど間近で会うのは初めてでした。
アンコールで意外な曲、反戦歌のBaby Revolutionを演ってくれました。最近の右傾化政治への批判なのかもしれません。

From the spring of the tea harvest work was done. In the tea fields in chat during the break, the solar power generation facilities from the story is growing around the transparent solar panel if there was revolutionary." It was in the news. Instead of glass, by overlapping panels of the same area at times, such as power generation may be after talking with the net, I find more than ten years ago, the prototype already in Japan! 

National Research and Development Institute of Advanced Industrial Science andTechnology  successfully built a prototype of a transparency solar battery.

By the way, I was in Kyoto on June 2, The SHERBETS gig has been seen. 
A romantic and strong to create a world of One & Only rock band. 
Encore, they of the anti-war song, "Baby Revolution" to play. Recently, the right wing of politics in Japan, I think it's their criticism. 
The Baby That
marched to the metaphor, but we have to work for the peace of mind of their own, they must continue to act. 
A transparent solar cell can be put to practical use, it can generate electricity from the Window everything all over the world a peaceful revolution and I think it is not a dream.

SHERBETS "Baby Revolution"

Under the blue sky of 30,000 babies go is crawling. 
They are still born in the naked, across field, mountain, valley, crawling over. 
Half of them, Chupa Chups lollipops, is holding in the mouth. They are Messengers of love and peace. Things that have happened suddenly

Adults are surprised to 30,000 of the babies. 
Radio and TV are also top in the news. 
News organizations have huge panic. Babies all over the world who suddenly began crawling to meet.

Increased from 30,000 to 300,000 babies will go crawling. 
What does an event. They are also the risk without considering, they go crawling. 

Baby Revolution

Under the blue sky of 300,000 baby is crawling.

Some of them are even cry baby. 
They would be in the big cities and the sea on the go crawling into it anyway. 
They are a jungle, the glaciers would have to go crawling to cheer up.

The babies, the world peace and for the love of the messenger.

Increased from 300,000 to 3 million babies to go is crawling. 
look at people, the sight of what it is to be noticed. 
live from a helicopter. 

Baby Revolution

Under the blue sky of 30 million to go baby is crawling.
They are also religious Treaty law as well, no idea. 
Soon the war zone closer and closer. They can go to without having to worry about.

Tanks and missiles, armed soldiers to see the babies and they were suddenly lost his tongue.

3 billion of the babies, hatred, and fight for everyone to go away. 30 billion of the babies is not considering also the danger to go crawling.

Everyone is watching the mind I'm sure it will change.
 I wouldn't go back to what we we are in what I'm doing? 
We've got dropped bombs. It made me sad. 
What do I do? 
For what do they kill? What can I do for you? 30 billion of the babies is crawling. 30 billion of the babies for everyone to go out hatred. 
Baby Revolution just one person, only a baby is ...

lylic by Kenichi Asai