Mar.9.2015 少年 "曇り空、ふたりで"

3月に入りましたが、まだまだ寒いですね。 毎日のようにニュースでは、胸の奥が冷え込むような嫌な事件が報じられます。
人は誰もが一寸先も分からずに綱渡りをしながら、笑ったり泣いたりして生きているのでしょう。 お互いがそんな存在なのだと気づくのが大人なのかなと思います。 
March began, but is colder. In the news, the unpleasant case that the depths of the chest cool down is reported almost every day. 
About a cruel murder case between teenage boys in Kawasaki of the other day, I felt unbearable
I spent it without being troubled with food, clothing and shelter in boyhood. However, the heart was always seized with a feeling of irritation. 
Speaking frankly, I live a poor life economically now, but I am filled up mentally and feel it when it is pretty good happiness. Because I am in condition to have always starved, I may be satisfied about a little.
While anyone walks on a tightrope without knowing one second later, the people cry and will laugh. I think whether it is an adult to notice that each other is such a person.

 SION "曇り空、ふたりで"